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Easy to use! But should have been bigger bottle. And material should have been improved and should have been more strong. As dogs they chew it off... So their will be more damages n it doesn't look good too.!! And should have been more colour options.
Product is good but choose from where you buy it from , the one I got was wrong colour and was used . But since every part was there I used it . It’s a great product but like I told choose the seller wisely
Mila Kunis
This product is good for the cats who likes to drink water next to it's food bowl. This has a deep and bigger bowl for cats. The dispenser is slow in filling up the water and we should squeeze the bottle to initiate the flow. Most importantly, most of the cats will not prefer drinking water next to their food. My cat is one of them and I am simply using only the bowl now.
Mike Sendler
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