Felaqua Connect: The smart way to monitor your cat’s drinking.

Felaqua Connect delivers fresh water and monitors your cat's drinking patterns.

Designed with leading veterinary behaviorists, Felaqua Connect is the smart water bowl that encourages your cat to drink. Felaqua Connect provides insights into drinking behavior by connecting with your cat’s microchip, highlighting changes which may otherwise be missed.


Felaqua Connect is the bowl that your cat would choose to drink from. Its wide, shallow bowl presents water in a way that is more visible and appealing to your cat.


Used with the Sure Petcare App, Felaqua Connect tells you how often, when and how much your cat drinks. Connect all your Sure Petcare connected products in one place for further insight.


The bowl automatically refills from the reservoir as your cat drinks. No recirculating water, no filters to change, just clean, fresh water. Plus, receive notifications when the water needs changing.


Battery operated, no untidy cables, noisy pumps or expensive filters. Felaqua Connect is designed to reduce hassle and make it easy to care for your cat.

Why monitoring your cat's drinking is important

Veterinarians agree that a change in drinking behavior is one of the most concerning health indicator in middle aged and senior cats*, yet many cat owners do not know how much their cat drinks.

With many adult cats developing drinking-related conditions such as chronic kidney disease and urinary problems at some point during their lifetime, it is important to monitor how much your cat is drinking.

48%of veterinarians agree it is difficult to get reliable information from cat owners.*


“I am so impressed with this – the best way EVER to provide water for pets. I love that it sees which pet is drinking, so that you get individualised reports for each animal.”

Dr Pete Wedderburn

Practicing Veterinarian, Author and Veterinary Columnist from the Daily Telegraph


Sure Petcare survey of 64 veterinary professionals, May 2021.

How it works

Felaqua Connect links to your Sure Petcare App via the Sure Petcare Hub. Simply plug the Sure Petcare Hub into your home router and connect up to 10 Sure Petcare connected products, such as the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect or SureFlap Microchip Cat Door Connect.


Felaqua Connect has open access and can be used by any pet. It recognizes individual pets by their microchip* or Sure Petcare RFID collar tag to monitor their water intake.


Download the app, pair the Hub and Felaqua Connect then follow the onscreen guide. If you already have a Sure Petcare connected product, simply add it to your Household.


Once you have downloaded the app, you will be guided through a step-by-step setup to register and store your cat’s microchip ID* or Sure Petcare collar tag to the device.


Place Felaqua Connect in a low traffic, quiet place as this will encourage your cat to drink from it.

Felaqua Connect

Already have a Hub?

You’ll only need to purchase the Felaqua® Connect to get started.

Each Hub connects up to 10 devices.

Felaqua Connect

Felaqua Connect & Internet Hub

Don’t have a Hub?

The Felaqua Connect requires connection to the Hub.

Purchase the bundle today to get started.

Felaqua Connect & Internet Hub

Felaqua Connect Bowl

This accessory can be used as a spare, or replacement, for the bowl originally supplied with Felaqua Connect. Made of food-grade plastic, this accessory has hydrophobic properties, which makes the water inside the bowl more visible to cats, thanks to the reflection of the light on the water’s rounded surface. Dishwasher safe and grey in colour.


RFID Collar Tags

Grants access and monitoring capabilities to most Sure Petcare products for pets that are not microchipped or have a non-compatible microchip. Includes: 2x RFID Collar Tag Compatible with all devices.


The link between your Sure Petcare “Connect” products and the Sure Petcare App. 1 Hub connects up to 10 devices in the home. Easily plugs into your home’s WiFi router. Included: 1x Hub, 1x ethernet cable, 1x power cord, various plug adaptors. Required for: Felaqua Connect, SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect, SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect, SureFlap Microchip Cat Door Connect.

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