GIOTOHUN Automatic Cat Feeder, Timed Cat Feeder With Adjustable Feeding Schedule, Cat Dry Food Dispenser, GIOTOHUN Pet Feeders With Desic


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customize healthy feeding schedule for pets] Easy to program timer You can set 1-4 meals per day (up to 12 dry food per meal) The automatic cat feeder dispenses food on time according to your pre-set meal plan This not only allows the pet to eat on time, but also controls the pets food intake It can effectively prevent pet obesity caused by overeating After the product is locked, please press and hold for 5 seconds to unlock it Dual power supply] This cat feeder has two charging methods You can choose to use a power adapter or 3 alkaline D-size batteries (not included) We recommend that you use both charging methods at the same time to ensure your pet doesnt miss every meal The gIOTOHUN cat food dispenser has a memory function So your meal plans wont be lost in the event of a power outage 10s custom voice recording] You can record a piece of your voice for your pets When the set feeding time is reached, the timed cat feeder will automatically play this voice to summon your pet to eat Familiar sounds make pets better accustomed to this automatic feeder The food jar of this pet feeder is translucent, so you can easily check the amount of food It is convenient for you to replenish food in time Suitable capacity, moisture-proof and fresh] The secure lid lock design keeps dry food crisp and prevents feed spillage The cat dry food dispenser food tank capacity can provide food for several days, easily keeping your pet well fed and travelingTherefore, you can travel on weekends and short-term business trips without worries Simple operation, easy maintenance] This feeder is equipped with an LcD screen, you can intuitively see every status of the auto cat feeder You can use the manual button to increase your pets feeding amount Accessories such as food tank and food bowls are removable Easy for you to clean Automatic feeders do not contain BPA How safe and secure creates a healthy eating environment for your pet Package includes] 1 gIOTOHUN automatic feeder 1 food bowl 1 5V p

Automatic cat Feeder, Timed cat Feeder with Adjustable Feeding Schedule, cat Dry Food Dispenser, gIOTOHUN pet feeders with Desiccant Bag, 1-4 Meals Per Day, 10s Voice Recorder, Dual Power Supply


Item# : SPM16369377824
Model # : A2-NEW


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